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It's responsibility of each person to give something back to the society and help the needy. Every child has a social right to receive education. I just think that the fortunate ones in this world should always be looking forward to take the responsibilities of those who have not been so fortunate. Let us join hands and help our motherland & its people to reach the top of the world.

About Us

Our Vision - Let us make a feeling that Earth is a good place to live in those who think life is not so beautiful. Impact on few lives who can impact lives.

Our Mission - Godchildfoundation.com is a platform with a mission to bring together potential donors assisting in the effort to create opportunities for the underprivileged children who otherwise do not have access to even the most basic education. Empowering children with the confidence and skills to take control of their future.

Build an online platform to list profiles of children in need who can be benefit directly from your support and care. You can choose to be a Godparent to any child thus opening up for them a world of wonderful opportunities.


  • The most amazing thing about Godchild Foundation, when we were invited to an informational meeting, they allready had a selection of few children, (Godchild), I was impressed with their concept and loved being a Godparent.

    Sandeep Rathi (Businessman)
    CEO - Sandeep Motors Pvt. Ltd.
  • I think every child should have access to education and daily meals. I am associated with Godchildfoundation.com as it is not just a revolutionary idea which provides you transparency, information about underprivileged children, feedback on utilization of funds donated, but is also an online delivery system which saves cost and time. I think Godchild Foundation is a right platform for a noble cause.

    Pankaj Mansingka (Industrialist)
    Managing Director - Godavri Pulp and paper Mills Pvt. Ltd.
  • I wish India to be a country where every child has opportunities for self-development and stands a chance to realize his/her dreams. I beleive small contributions from individuals like myself can go a long way in creating such opportunities. I beleive that its much better to make one capable to earn for oneself rather than helping him by money and Gochild Foundation is the best way to do this. I wish my Godchildren become very successful in their lives.

    Suman Soni
  • Education is the basic tool to let one grow. Being a Godparent I am doing just the same. It is pleasent to see that people like us are realizing responsibility and coming forward for a social cause.

    Manju Pokharna
    Social Worker

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  • "Please believe in the POWER OF ONE."
  • One person can make an enormous difference in the world.
  • One person-actually, one idea-can start a war or end one or subvert an entire power structure.
  • One discovery can cure a disease or spawn a new technology to benefit or annihilate the human race.
  • You as ONE individual can change millions of lives.
  • Think Big
  • Do not limit your vision and do not ever compromise your dreams or ideals. - Iris Chang
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